Road Tax & MOT Check

Road Tax & MOT Check is a mobile app that allows users to quickly and easily check a cars MOT history and road tax expiry date.

The app is powered by a massive online database featuring real-time data for over 40 million cars. The data is updated every minute of the day using the official data feeds from the DVLA & DVSA.

In most cases the MOT data is updated before the MOT tester can inform the car owner if it has passed or failed.

Full history for each car, including MOTs, mileage history and road tax is shown simply from entering the registration number of the car.

The additional website, How Rare Is My Car?, uses the same underlying data to provide information on how many of each make & model of car is on the road in the UK.


Road Tax & MOT Check is available for Android devices.

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    Road Tax & MOT Check